Shan Cooking Oil is one of the finest quality product which is the ultimate choice of people and house hold women. It is prepared by blending Sunflower oil, Soybean oil and Canola Oil. This product has a strong customer support as it is purely cholesterol free. Furthermore, it carry all natural vitamins that support the shelf life of a cooking oil. Oil is clean, shiny and radiates one pure cooking aroma. It is fully refined through the series of technical procedures. It is fortified with Vitamin A & D which are essential for healthcare. The presence of Omega 3 in oil assures the fantabulous health as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lessen the risk of blood blockage. Shan Cooking Oil is packed in printed round tins made of prime quality and also in imported ETP and HDPE bottles, made of food grade plastic & master batch. Shan Cooking Oil is positioned as a healthy cooking oil that understand the needs and feelings of its customers. Shan immensely cares for the heart, as it is a vital organ from which feelings are felt and emotions take birth. Evolving on that platform, Shan Cooking Oil is covering and catering the needs of million females in the country.