MAHBOOB INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED “MIL” are the manufacturers of renowned brand “SHAN BANASPATI” & “SHAN COOKING OIL”.

The company was incorporated under the Companies Act – VII of 1913 in Joint Stock companies, Lahore, on 8th June 1977, having its registered office at 125 – A, Industrial Area, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore. The company produce premium brand Banaspati, Cooking Oils and hydrogenated cooking mediums.

Incorporated in 1977, Mahboob Industries (Pvt.) Limited was initially established as a ghee unit, started its production in April 1982 at 30 M.Tons per day.

In 1995, new unit of cooking oil was installed, and manufacturing capacity of ghee was also enhanced. French automatic ghee and cooking oil filling machines were installed. We are the leader in filling ghee and cooking oil in plastic pouches.

In 1996, to meet the market demand, manufacturing capacity was further enhanced. Now total installed capacity of our unit is 250 M.Tons per day. Famous Shan Laundry Soap and Co2 gas are our by product.

Arif Qasim
Chairman PVMA / Chief Executive


Since three decades of its existence, with every passing year, MIL has recorded exponential growth. This dynamic company redefined its segment of industry and created new standards of excellence.

Serving since 1977 (the year of company’s inception) now the Chairman/Chief Executive has taken the back seat and has trusted Allah to help their operational team consisting of experienced members, to steer and guide MIL toward new horizons.

The sheer hard work, dedication and help from Almighty has brought the company to enviable position, at present. The pioneering spirit augments as the company steps ahead.


The leadership abilities and the courage to excel in the face of fierce competition are prime strength that new generation has found as a heritage.

With a dynamic, thoughtful and one eye on world market, this young talent is steering and exploring new ideas to stay ahead in the field of oil and ghee manufacturing.

Ahmed Arif (Director)

Asjad Arif (Director)

Osama Arif (Director)

Company Policy

It is our policy to provide good quality products to consumers at reasonable price, we make all efforts to involve every employee of the Company in the achievement of this objective.

To achieve this, we are committed:

  • To prevent pollution through progressive reduction of emission, effluents and disposal of waste material.
  • To reduce negative impacts of manufacturing activities through identification & control of Critical Points and shall continue to fine-tune the targets through better Management System.
  • To conduct periodic audits for continual improvement in the system.
  • To ensure improvement in the performance of employees, contractors, supplier and other relevant personnel.

To comply with relevant applicable Legislation and International Standards.
Our philosophy of good quality product is:

  • Compliance with Specification
  • Meeting the Customer Satisfaction and Requirement
  • Hygienically Safe and Secure Product
  • Environmental Friendly processes