MAHBOOB INDUSTRIES (PVT) LIMITED “MIL” are the manufacturers of renowned brand “SHAN BANASPATI” and “SHAN COOKING OIL”.

The company was incorporated under the Companies Act – VII of 1913 in Joint Stock companies, Lahore, on 8th June 1977, having its registered office at 125 – A, Industrial Area, Kot Lakhpat, Lahore. The company produce premium brand Banaspati, Cooking Oils and hydrogenated cooking mediums.

Incorporated in 1977, Mahboob Industries (Pvt.) Limited was initially established as a ghee unit, started its production in April 1982 at 30 M.Tons per day.

In 1995, new unit of cooking oil was installed, and manufacturing capacity of ghee was also enhanced. French automatic ghee and cooking oil filling machines were installed. We are the leader in filling ghee and cooking oil in plastic pouches.

In 1996, to meet the market demand, manufacturing capacity was further enhanced. Now total installed capacity of our unit is 250 M.Tons per day. Famous Shan Laundry Soap and Co2 gas are our by product.

We have effective distribution network in all over Punjab. In Lahore only we own the leading market share of more than 60%. We are planning to move ahead to serve nationwide, so we could become the national leader in ghee and cooking oil.

The company has strong financial background and has sizable infrastructure managed by professional staff. It enjoys excellent relation with its bankers and is considered liquid on all financial considerations throughout its performance. It has a proven track record in this business and own foresight strategies for the prosperous growth in future.

The company’s marketing policy envisages the development of brand loyalty among customers and consumers, through their constant involvement and participation in series of several promotional activities, conducted by professional staff and consultants.

The products enjoy vast popularity, brand loyalty and stand first in terms of market share within the sector.

The company has achieved a growth of over 500% since last decade, which is primarily attributed to its consistent quality care and execution of extensive market strategies.


Shan Banaspati
Shan Banaspati
Shan Banaspati is the only premium category banaspati that is produced and marketed from the platform of Mahboob Industries and has been the part of Pakistani households for generations. It is the epitome of good food, and holds dear the tradition of sharing happiness and goodness over family meals.
It has a unique blend of palm oil, soybean oil, cotton seed oil, which minimize the risk of diseases inheriting from Trans Fatty acids. The addition of vitamin A & D ensure the flawless Eye Sight and help in avoiding the disease of night blindness. Further addition of vitamin E acts as a natural anti indent and nourishes the skin as well. Especially for females this vitamin is very important as it diminish the wrinkles. Its natural pleasant taste gives you a long time happiness, you feel smart and own good looks.
Shan Cooking Oil
Shan Cooking Oil
Shan Cooking Oil is one of the finest quality product which is the ultimate choice of people and house hold women. It is prepared by blending Sunflower oil, Soybean oil and Canola Oil. This product has a strong customer support as it is purely cholesterol free. Furthermore, it carry all natural vitamins that support the shelf life of a cooking oil.

Oil is clean, shiny and radiates one pure cooking aroma. It is fully refined through the series of technical procedures. It is fortified with Vitamin A & D which are essential for healthcare. The presence of Omega 3 in oil assures the fantabulous health as it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and lessen the risk of blood blockage.

Shan Cooking Oil is packed in printed round tins made of prime quality and also in imported ETP and HDPE bottles, made of food grade plastic & master batch.
Shan Cooking Oil is positioned as a healthy cooking oil that understand the needs and feelings of its customers. Shan immensely cares for the heart, as it is a vital organ from which feelings are felt and emotions take birth. Evolving on that platform, Shan Cooking Oil is covering and catering the needs of million females in the country.

Shan Laundry Soap
Shan Laundry Soap
• Spanified with Noah in Pan.
• Rest for 08 hours and water drain out.
• Then Soap is taken in mixture Pan Mix with Silicate.
• Pour in M.S. Container give rest and Block taken out.
• Then cutting is done in different pack size.
• Packed in boxes for marketing.
• Water contents in Soap up to standard.
• Free Caustic Alkali not more then 02%.
• Fatty matter in Silicate Soap 55%.
• Fatty matter in Nirol 75%.


  • I cook in Shan and it adds such a natural taste and aroma in all my recipes (Shoaib)
  • Shan Banaspati is truly cholesterol free (Sana Arif)
Sana Arif

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